April 15, 2006


I thought I'd give an update. I am still in the studio recording the soundtrack for my musical. I have hired a top notch producer, and studio musicians, so we haven't had too many bumps so far which is a good thing. I am anxious to record the vocal tracks just because I want to hear the finished song. However, right now, I have to settle for the music. Vocals will come at the very end.

I am still brushing up the Halloween script for the Halloween film. We are talking to many studios about this project. It is peaking alot of interest. Many investors are coming out of the woodwork. It's exciting.

As far as the 3d world, I am staying busy. I am working on a multi million (almost billion) court case. It will keep me busy for the next month. Working for lawyers is painful. You get first hand arrogance, cockiness, holier than thou, greedy, condescending attitudes all day. (It might be time to break out my crowbar)
Sure, they pay my bills, but it's not worth any money they can pay. I could use some choice words for them, but since I am trying to stay in the G-rated world, I'll leave it at that.


April 02, 2006

Monster Holiday


Hee is a rough drawing of some monsters for the Halloween script I am writing. Posted by Picasa