February 24, 2013

Pixar Monster University

So, Monsters University is coming out in June.

I was able to build a few of the monsters for our MU playset on the upcoming game "Disney Infinity."

I worked on many of the crowd (student) monsters. I also modeled Terry and Terri, Squishy, and Art for the game.

I can post images of the game characters I modeled after the game is released....so until then, enjoy these pics from the upcoming movie.

Here are the characters as they will appear in the Pixar film modled by Pixar.


February 23, 2013

Large Disney Infinity Poster Wallpaper

Disney Infinity awesomeness...

Here is the first of our lineup. Many more to come!

I was at Pixar post and found some awesome renderings of our characters.
We basically built the characters in Maya, and ZBrush. Once the characters were finalized, we posed them in ZBrush using masks.
Francesco was built by Ian.

                                                           Holly was built by Chris.

                                                       McQueen was built by Shane and Bryan.

Mater was built by Bryan.

More Disney Infinity Stuff

So, as of today, our Disney Infinity will be released in 97 days.
We are getting alot of publicity and favorable reviews.
It's pretty exciting to see all of our hard work over the past 2 years come to fruition.
Here are some more cool images.