December 22, 2008

another shark pic

I quickly drew this shark for an art presentation I did for a local scout group. My objective was to draw something fairly quickly and color it as a reference object. I then took the sketch I made, and erased portions out such as the sharks mouth, nose, fins, tail etc until it had a very basic shape without the details. I then ran copies and gave each kid a half sketched shark on a piece of paper. They had to fill in the blanks based on this quickly drawn/colored ref image.

The results...

I was amazed at these kids. Some had natural art abilities while others had no interest in art whatsoever, but the results blew me away. I realized that if you just draw the basic shape/ foundation, the kids could fill in the blanks and make it look every bit as good as the reference provided.
The objective was to make it look like a great white shark...and they pulled it off with 5 stars. And the best part,... they were proud of what they accomplished.
Some of the kids who never even created an art piece amazed themselves.

It was a great and worthwhile project. (yet so simple)

Simple is good. And simple made these kids believe they could draw.
Fun times!