November 30, 2005

Sweet Bidness

Some great books and sites I came across recently in the animated / art world.....

How To Write For Animation

Digital Character Design and Painting

Mike Kunkel

Spectrum Book

Nice tutorial

November 29, 2005

Must see DVD

If you are a fan of Walt Disney, like I am, you need to check out the dvd titled "Walt Disney: The Man Behind The Myth". It is so enthralling and informative, that I couln't even take my eyes off the screen.
Walt Disney is my hero. A man who was driven by his dreams. A man who overcame obstacles of all sorts and emerged as an icon and a legend.

Anyone who can take a mere $40, and turn it into a multi billion dollar dream is a story worth listening to. He was a man before his time....I only wonder what could have been had he not died so young.

Check it out. You won't be disappointed.

November 25, 2005

Stork Sketch

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Here are some more creatures I modeled....

I modeled these creatures in MAYA....

and yet more.......


More National Geo

fun stuff!

National Geographic

The December issue of National Geographic is chalked full of the dinosaurs I worked on and modeled. The Dakosaurus or, "Godzilla", even made the cover!

It's a pretty sweet spread with a poster included. Above is my Kronosaurus.


November 23, 2005


I will be posting some new stuff soon.

I will post caricatures and sketches.

So keep ypur eyes peeled..........

November 22, 2005

Toy collections

Yes. Most animators adorn their office space with toys galore. I am no exception.
Because I believe we are surrounding oursleves in a creative world. I personally love the disney maquettes. I also enjoy the cartoony looking toys.

Tonight I went through boxes and boxes of vintage toys I have collected since I was a kid. (30 years ago!) I am quite tempted to find new homes for all of it. It doesn't do me much good having the toys sitting in boxes. Plus, I could take the money and treat the family to Disneyland or something cool like that.

I am really talking boxes and boxes of stuff (20 boxes) ...opened and unopened. I have alot of Spawn, Bump in the Night, Star Wars, Johhny West, Playskool, Muppets, Planet of the Apes (70's stuff), Alien, Disney, Nightmare berfore Christmas, Dinosaurs, Jurassic Park, Toxic Avenger, Kiss, and more and more.......

Children's entertainment

I have been working on various forms of children's entertainment for over 15 years. I am now starting to test the concepts in the entertainment world. I will have some of my children's stories on my website. I am also moving forward with a television pilot.

This past year I received a big response from a musical I wrote. There are many doors that are opening for me because of that.

Overall, 2005 has been a year of many accomplishments. There have been a few highs, and a few lows. But I keep on keepin on.

Isn't that all we can do?

November 21, 2005

comments on 3d?

feel free to comment

My 3d work

Here is some 3d work I did for National Geographic....

have fun!

Bring back Cartoons with stories for all

What happened to the Cartoons we used to love?

I find myself buying many box sets of old cartoons I used to watch. Looney Tunes, Fat Albert, Schoolhouse Rock, Tex Avery, Walter Lantz, etc.

The Tex Avery collection was released on laser disc. I paid a pretty penny to have them transferred to dvd. They turned out awesome. The funny thing about these cartoons, is that the audience is so general. They are basically, great stories for all. Kids love them and so do adults. You don't get that anymore in cartoons. Writers and producers have target ages they seek after.

Why not go back to great stories for all?

November 18, 2005

Animation Inspirations

Lat night I was interviewed by a kid (animator) who I once taught in an art class when he was 9 yrs. old. It got me thinking about who inspired me when I was younger.

I remember being into animation since I was a kid waking up at 1am just to catch Saturday morning cartoons in the 70's. (Ahhhh...when cartoons used to be good)

My inspirations are across the board. From animators, to creative minds, children's television producers, puppeteers, etc.
There are a few key people that have really made an impact on me and what I do today.

Walt Disney - He is my hero. No one can compare. I have watched "The Man Behind The Myth"
many times. I am so inspired by him like no other.
9 old men - These men are the pioneers of animation. They have brought me so much joy.
Tex Avery - Edgy, yet fun. He took cartoons to a new level.
Fred Rogers - My television friend. Kindest, most sincere man on tv.
Jim Hensen - A gifted creator and dreamer.
Frank Oz - Wonderful director and talent.
Mort Drucker - The best caricaturist that ever lived in my opinion.
Sid & Marty Krofft - I watched these shows every day. Crazy, goofy, and fun.
Sherwood Shwartz - He produced some of the best family shows that have been on air for years.
Astrid Lindgren - Pippi is such a wonderful character. (english dubbed versions)
Rod Serling - I lived and breathed Twilight Zone as a kid. Great storytelling here!
Schoolhouse Rock - I love these mini cartoons....especially Bob Dorough's songs and voice.
Hal Roach - I have watched the Little Rascals over and over. Innocense never to be had in kid
actors nowadays.

Maybe one day, I can give something back like these inspired creators have done for me.


November 17, 2005


I'd like to introduce myself.
I am a 3d animator that has been in the 3d industry for over 10 years now.
My expertise is across the board from storyboards, concepting, story development, pitching, script writing, 2d, 3d, character design, 3d modeling, rigging, texturing, animating, post, sfx, jingles, music composition!
My passion is children's books and stories. I am currently developing some stories for my website and a children's television pilot.
I have written an award winning musical that may be performed in two theaters in 2006. So I am excited about that. (as well as keeping very busy)
My favorites places to visit are, Leo Carillo beach, London, Kenya, and Montana. (love Idaho too!)
My favorite websites I frequent are . . .

I will be posting random pics here and there. Feel free to drop me an email or comment.

November 16, 2005