May 28, 2006

Twilight Zone Classic b/w and BBird

I was watching the Twilight Zone this weekend with Rod Serling. Wow.
I am not much of a sci-fi guy....but I do like a good story. These vintage episodes are absolutely amazing. Storytelling at its finest. Rod Serling is an absolute genius. If you get the chance to watch these, I have found the entire series at the library, or you could buy it for approx. $350 on Amazon or Ebay.

I bought a book this weekend called "The Wisdom Of Big Bird" by Carrol Spinney. I have quite enjoyed it. Since I am a huge fan of Jim Hensen, and children's television, this has been a great read.
I have found some amazing video archives of some very influential television people such as Fred Rogers, Sherwood Shwartz, and Carrol Spinney available on . Just do a search for "archive of american television". There are alot of interviews full of wisdom.


May 24, 2006

Blurring life

You know, it seems like the weeks are flying by in my life.
I go to work, work on my side projects, spend as much time with my family.....Before I know it, another weeks is shelved and I'm moving onto another week.

It seems like life is moving way too fast and everyone is struggling to keep up.

Before you know it, the kids are grown, your hair is grey, and you find yourself relating to your life as, "Back when", or "In the olden days".....ha. (and Im only 36!)

I want life to be meaningful, ...not rushed. I want memories that aren't merely blurs in my life. Work is not that important. Is it?
Status, keeping up with the Jones', or prominance are simply a facad. It's catering and succumbing to "the world". I have been to Africa among people that have absolutely "NOTHING", yet are the happiest in the world.

Don't you think that we can learn something from people that are happy, yet have little material wealth?

Devourax' list-

- Life is meant to be enjoyed. (that doesn't mean in idleness, or doing whatever you want whenever you want)
- Relationships are to be strengthened.
- Living well is making lasting memories.
- It's about "time".
- Being passionate.
- True spirituality is overcoming the natural man.
- Gaining life experience. (you can't teach experience)
- Understanding who you are, why you are here, and where you are going.
- It's understanding the spiritual nature of things.
- Making a better you.
- Giving something back.

May 15, 2006

To Do Or Not To Do

Ya know......alot of people like to talk. and talk.......and talk. But there are the few who "walk the talk". There are those who not only dream, but act on those dreams.

Many know that in order to do something great, there is always some sort of risk involved that you have to take along your path. There is always sacrifices to be made. Anyone who is anyone will tell you that this is absolutely true.
When you have that deep down gut feel beckoning you to do that crazy thing that you feel is in your destiny, ...then you better do it.

Otherwise you will regret it. And you WILL regret it.

I have learned alot about "walking the talk" this past year. So often I ask myself, "Why in the heck am I doing this project?" So many times I have felt like I am adding unnecessary stress to my life that I don't need. However, I know all too well, that if I don't do something with my ideas, and dreams, then not only will someone else do it, but I will be sad if I don't.

There is an absolutely great euphoric feeling that comes with accomplishing a goal.
Once you get that feeling, it's hard not to keep going. You feel good about you, and what you can offer this world. You've just risen above countless of millions of hopefuls out there who dream, but will only get to those dreams after they conquer the 33rd level on Amped3, or after they finish their favorite television shows, or after they finish wasting countless hours in their chat rooms.......

The world needs dreamers who act upon their dreams.

so do it.


May 05, 2006

5 min sketch

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biz biz eeeee

I am very busy these days. When will I slow down? Maybe when I'm 70 or 80. As far as I can forcast my future, I have work that will last me a lifetime and beyond.
(maybe kids can further my ideas and stories)
I have been doing some freelance lately, not that I need the distraction......I am trying to farm some out....however, I have found that farming out too much work can really backfire. If anything goes wrong, your integrity is on the line and the client is not a happy client.

We are currently talking with a "very big studio" (can't disclose yet) who has been around long before my time. They are very interested in our Holiday series (7 films).
The talks are actually going really good.

I will be in the recording studio next week tackling 2 songs. I need to get a website going for that project asap.

Our team won a couple of awards for some animations this past year. We won a gold, silver and bronze in 2005. This year in 2006, we have won 3 awards again. I'm not sure which metals we won yet, (June), but we are excited.
Video ipods for everyone!