February 13, 2015

Hermy Update

I have been working on my Hubbel characters in Maya and ZBrush. I thought I'd post the in- progress screenshot of Hermy.

Next up...Hubbel and Dilly.....

November 26, 2014

Radio In My Head by: Pu Shu

Man. I love this song.

Radio In My Head By: Pu Shu

Seems pretty hard to find a cd of this guy, but I like him.

Also, a couple of very funny foreign movies that you should check out.

- That's The Way I Like It
(Disco, Kung Fu, Bruce Lee, John Travolta....man, it doesn't get any better. This
movie is quite funny)
Thats The Way I Like It

- Castaway On The Moon
(Who doesn't love a movie about someone stranded on an island?)
Castaway On The Moon

September 03, 2014

Africa, my obsession...

I have been to Africa twice. I have been in Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya.
One day I hope to visit and help the pygmies of the Congo.

My family has been involved in humanitarian work for many years.
Our favorite work has been done in Africa. (recently traveled in May 2014)

We have helped build a library for the school children, fixed shelving, helped build a 300 foot rock wall (7 feet tall), donated money to lay the foundation to a boarding school for girls and so much more.

Over the years we have collected eyeglasses, church clothes, school and medical supplies, hygiene kits, dolls, dresses, soccer balls and the list goes on and on.

(I took my creative bag of goodies and the kids loved these Axtell ape dolls)

I was fortunate to hand deliver many of these items to a school that was started in Kenya that is 100% funded by donations. We met the entire boarding school and spent some time with them. It was an experience that has changed all of our lives.

Why am I telling you this?

Because, I am motivated to go back to Africa and do more work.
That is why I create. I am trying to get something off the ground so that I can do much more in Africa. (children's books and comics)

So, if you support my work, you will be supporting a boarding school in Africa where children will have a better shot at a brighter future.


SLC Comic-Con 2014

2014 Comic Con Salt Lake City

More cool stuff....

Hubbel is fun to draw.

Here are the fab 4.
Hubbel, Dilly, Hermy and Hanna.
More to come!

What am I?
Who am I?
Why am I?
all I can say is this...
"Until I'm not...I am."

My website was taken down by me.
Because, my site hasn't been updated since 2006.
I am embarrassed by all my older work.
(as Point Pusher aka Danny Williams (ZBrush fame) always says,
"You should be embarrassed by yesterdays work.")
I will get a new simple website up and going when I can.

Childrens Books

I love writing and illustrating Children's Books.

Below is "Zoo Doo" and "Lazy Bucky-Roo".

Comic Con SLC 2014

Not sure how to configure these tables.
I thought that they would be 10x10.
They are actually 6x5.


Not enough space!!!!

Gonna have to try multiple configurations!
Dilly, why are you way over there????
You're not even in our booth!

Oh Boy!
Love them blue footed booby feet.

Hi Hubbel. You are a lovely blue footed booby.
I am the Numero uno "Loony Booby".
(I write what I know...right?)

Empty??? Or am I just overly ambitious?

Yup, empty.
Not for long!

Bane and Groot will be sold by iRex-FX.
(a 14 year old mad scientist monster maker)
Come by and meet him and see his creations!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh if I only had time on my side.
I could really make a dent in the world.....

July 29, 2014

Character Artist

I am a character artist.

I live in my own little world where every day I get to...

- live eat and breathe characters and stories...where the sky isn't even the limit on ideas.

- write children's books.

- write scripts, musicals and screenplays.

- write short stories, and write and record songs.

- toy prototypes.
(working with a 3d printer)

- work in 2D and 3D.

Man, I love what I do!


July 12, 2014

Hulk Disney Marvel Infinity

I was part of the character team who modeled
the Incredible Hulk.
(Irene, Ian, and myself)

I helped model Captain and Hulk.
I also posed (above) Captain America and Hulk in Zbrush.

Hulk SMASH!!!!!

Captain America Disney Marvel Infinity

I helped model and pose Captain America for Disney Interactive.
We work in Maya and ZBrush.


More Disney Marvel Infinity 2!!

Here are the various stages of development for Captain America.
He was fun to work on in 3d.

Acton Pose.

The Gang.


                                             I posed Hulk and Captain in ZBrush for this pic.

Awesome Disney Marvel Infinity 2

How cool is this!!!!!


October 21, 2013

More Disney Infinity

Here are some of the latest infinity figurines and game characters that I was able to work on...

shhhhhh..........its Ferb.
How cool is it to see a picture with the creators of Phineas and Ferb, Jeff "Swampy" Marsh, and Dan Povenmire, holding toys you created????
Is that not soooo cool?

We even have a signed prototype from these guys on the Perry Prototype.
Endorsed and approved!!!!!

 Yes, I created Rex in all his glory........at least for Disney Infinity!
Will he ever become a toy??????
You'll have to wait to find out....
To All those Infinity Fans looking for Infinity News....here's one for ya.......... 

I worked on Woody in 3d.
He was built initially in Maya, then moved over to ZBrush.
This is the short necked version of Woody.
(see below and above)

Now see Woody below..........

I built Perry in 3d and posed him. (Agent P Infinity)


If you look at this Woody Pose (above) , you will see that his neck looks correct.
The manufacturing plant used an old Woody STL model and manufactured him without a longer neck.
(see below)
He is supposed to be corrected in the newest run off of Woody Infinity toys.
Sorry to all those who got the no necked Woody.
Maybe he will be a collectible "Woody-No-Neck" one day!

October 10, 2013

Francisco Herrera

I met Francisco Herrera yesterday.
What an amazing artist.

Solid character design.
Strong character development.
Super humble.

I wish I would have gotten one of his books.
Man, what a talent.

It was pretty awesome to meet him.


October 08, 2013

More Hubbel Comics

Here are some more daily Hubbel web comics / cartoons.

If you haven't been following my comic titled, "Hubbel"...you should be!!!
Currently, my daily web comic appears on a BlogSpot until I can move it and revamp my site.
(which is way outdated...)

Anyway, my daily web comic is about Bill Hubbel who happens to be a blue footed booby.
His misfit friends work at a game company called Gork Games.
They have struggles like anyone else, and are trying to find their place in this crazy world.
Here are some more cartoons...