October 03, 2006

My Web Site and other stuff

You know...I have really been itching to revamp my entire website. I want to redesign it, add new stuff (yes, there are lots of new goodies), and simplify it too.
It basically boils down to time. And right now, I am short on time.
I am trying to get some projects out of the way... and when things simmer down, I will hop on it. I hope.

I was able to watch our Christmas film in all it's finished glory. All the sound effects, music, computer fx.....everything was in there. I must say that I really enjoyed it...and I'm sure we will sell a million + + copies....
It really is a good film. It's great for children.

Look for it in the stores and online. Buy it as a Christmas present.
(how fitting)
It's called, "The Light Before Christmas".