December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Almost another year has flown by. I can't believe how fast time can pass you by. This year has really been tough, but I can look back and be proud of my accomplishments. I have been in writing and developing mode for kids ideas, shows, musicals, music, etc for so long. This past year I have accomplished so many things such as transcribing music to paper, publishing stories, written 2 films (one which has aired on television a handful of times on various stations), recorded a 17 song musical in 3 different cd formats, won some animation awards, started a new business and much more.

I am expecting wonderful things for 2007. I have a lifetime of work ahead of me. My biggest obstacle is time.

Merry Christmas to all.

See ya in 2007!

December 11, 2006


Some cool stuff is happening in my neck of the woods.
Our Christmas film will play on nearly every station at least 5 times
before Christmas. It has sold thousands of copies and has a presence on Amazon, and in many retail stores.

My musical soundtrack is nearly complete. We are making a couple of small changes and moving forward with mixing. It should all be completed within 3 weeks. There is alot of potentially good stuff happening here. Can't say much at the moment, but this project looks very promising.

I am switching into children's animation gear. By the first of the year, I will be actively developing my kids shows.

2006 has been great. We have accomplished alot! It has been very busy for me. But 2007 looks like even better. (hopefully not busier!)

I welcome a new year full of challenges. (and hopefully some small suceesses)

Happy Holidays to all!