June 23, 2008

pic for a cowboy

I quickly drew this for a birthday program.
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Wow....1000 people have been to my blog.

I feel "special".

I got my anatolian shepherd a week ago. She is a handful but very fun.

June 02, 2008

Update Schmupdate

Man, I am not very good at updating.

Summer is here....which equates to long hours of yardwork. I never get much done in the summers as far as the creative work goes. Just too much to do.
I sure hope this summer isn't as hot as last summer. Man, that was a scorcher.
We have some new ducks and chickens. I am also hatching golden pheasants. (not sure if they will hatch by incubator or not) My female is also sitting on a handful of eggs that we hope will hatch as well.
My long awaited anatolian shepherd will soon arrive from Alabama.
I hope she survives the plane ride...you never know what they go through by the time they arrive into your arms. The breeder is letting her go at 6 weeks. I really like that because I want to get her to our family asap. Most breeders wait until they are 8 - 10 weeks. (that is torture!) The breeder believes that the pups are ready to go as soon as they are weaned from mama. I will start crate training her immediately. I will also intoduce her to some chickens and see how she does. I have read that they are good with pheasants...Maybe I will try that...who knows at this point.
Narnia's "Prince Caspian" game was released a few weeks ago. Our studio went to the theater and saw the movie to celebrate. Hopefully the game does well. (the movie isnt doing too bad)
Our next game should be done in a month or so. (Ultimate Band)

Sadly, I havent been drawing or writing much lately. I have years worth of creative ideas and work piling up...(a lifetime of work is more accurate).......but all I can do is all I can do.
as my book says and as my coined phrase goes, "Until I'm not...I am".