October 26, 2007

A wolf in sheeps clothing

Daily rant:

There is a new movie coming out in the next month called, "The Golden Compass". It stars Nicole Kidman. (bleaach!)
The show looks pretty good from the trailers. It appeals to children and adults alike. It reminds me of the recent Narnia series by C.S. Lewis......

However, I have done some research into the film and its author. I have also been to www.snopes.com to verify the truth of what I have been reading and sure enough....this film is a wolf in sheeps clothing. It is written by a man who is a proud athiest who hates C.S. Lewis. He is out to create a movie wherein the child heroes "kill god" in the final book. What? Am I reading this correctly? The children "kill god" in the final book? Yes....

read it for yourself....


Apparently, the first film is a hook to get kids interested in the trilogy....parents buy the books.....parents buy the movies....but each movie becomes darker, filled with increasing anti religion....until finally in the third movie, the children become adam and eve and "kill god". After which they can live and do as they please.

This film is hateful and wrong. I for one will do all I can to spread the word about the true intentions of this evil trilogy.
Just when I think that this world can't get any worse......


October 23, 2007


My computer was hijacked by a malicious virus! I have had a few times when I had to rid my computer from spyware etc....but this last one was a doozy.
I spent nearly 12 hrs trying to solve it. This little booger disabled my anti-virus software, crippled my OS to the point that I couldn't do anything. Late last night I finally think I resolved it. I can't imagine where it came from....i do know that the last 2 times I got zapped was visiting music-lyric sites, and hairstyle sites. Stay away from those!!!! You can never be too careful.

I can't understand why someone would take their God-given talent and spend their time developing something so malicios...so invading....and so destructive. If these people spent their time combatting bad things, hey, the internet would be a decent place. Instead, the world wide web is full of pornography, hackers, and pirates seeking to harm anyone they come in contact with. If I only had addresses, I would visit them with my crowbar. I could have used those 12 hrs for something good.....sigh.

I would love to post some Disney stuff I have been working on, but can't. Maybe after the products are released next year. In the meantime, I am drawing alot....maybe I'll post some sketches.


October 22, 2007

Bye Bye Cafepress

I have had a shop on CafePress for a few years. I just haven't had time to really create and market some cool products. So now it's time to say goodbye. It's been real. It's been fun. But I don't want to shell out another annual fee for something I am not utilizing....so....Goodbye CafePress!

I wrote 2 stories over the weekend. One is called, "Two Foots is a Feet" (working title) which is along the vein of Dr. Suess. (although I don't read much he has written). The other is called, "Following the Leader:when sometimes we shouldn't" (another working title). I drew a bunch of rough sketches. I had alot of fun.

I also read through some other children's stories I have written. "Happy Stew", "Everyone's Gone Plumb Crazy!", and "Until I'm Not ...I am". I have to finish them soon. They are so cute and fun.
........at least my kids love them.

October 19, 2007


The latest.
I am still working on a bunch of characters. (for 3 different projects) They have turned out really nice if I must say so myself. Just busier than busy.

I bought a fantastic dvd, "Surf's Up" . I LOVE this movie! If you haven't seen it....then you are crazy. This film has some of the best cg I have seen in a while.
Forget that penguins are overdone. That's a lame excuse. How many idiotic dog shows have been made? Go see this movie! The water/ waves are a work of art in itself. I loved this film. I wish there was more "behind the scenes" in the special features. Included on the film is the "Chub Chubs" short film. I wasn't impressed. Too fast paced for my liking.

I have been working on my children's show. I only have a couple hours in a day to do so. I try to spend time with my family after working at the "office". It's in the wee hours and odd times that I can find time to do my "dream" stuff. But I never give up. How can I? lIKE i ALWAYS SAY......"Until I'm not....I AM".

This month is MipCom. If you don't know what MipCom is.... find out. Especially if you are a content IP creator. I will make the show sometime in the future, but I have to figure out not only how to fund my properties, but also find funding to get me and my crew to France with a booth. That can be very expensive. I have no doubt that this is the "must attend" show for me. (mipcom junior too)

I am looking for an Anatolian Shepherd. (a beautiful dog from Turkey) I have been reading up on these dogs for the past 7 or 8 years. I would love to own one. I am talking to a breeder at the moment. (these dogs are not only pricey, but hard to get)