November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving and lots to be thankful for

I have tried to post some artwork, however, picasa has been giving me fits lately. I'll have to figure it out. (another techy nerd dilemma....
Thanksgiving has come and gone...but I have so much to be thankful for. We had a great holiday playing games, taking care of our animals, raking leaves, minor yardwork, movies, pie, and just being together. It was really nice.

I love the fall season. It is such a nice time to be outside in 40 degree weather with the sun shining on your face. I am so thankful for changing seasons. I don't miss the California weather because nothing ever changes. I'll take the beach weather when I'm at the beach. I'll take 4 seasons so that it feels like something is changing. Changing is good.
I have spent time reflecting on the things I am most thankful for....God, religion, freedom, family, healthy kids, a home, a great job, friends, and rasberry lemonades!
The list goes on and on and on........

I am starting an "unofficial" Disney story group at work. We will meet weekly with some amazing artists who also write stories. We will work on individual story development for our "personal projects" and share our frustrations, techniques and general feedback with each other. It should be fun.

What do I want for Christmas.....?

There are a few cd's and movies that I would love to have. But honestly, besides my Anatolian, there's not much I want. (I wouldn't refuse a new truck....ha)

I really am content with all I have, and should probably go through my stuff and simplify. I definately have tooo much.

Again, much to be thankful for.


November 09, 2007


It's November. I love the colors that change. I love the leaves that fall from the trees. I love the cooler weather. I am savoring this time of year. If only it would last for another 2 months....

Lots has happened.

I think I destroyed that stinkin alien virus that invaded my computer. I am crossing my fingers that the countless hours I spent gettig rid of those little boogers paid off. It is so frustrating that someone would could wreak such havoc on someone elses life. Mr. Virus man, I surely had better things to do with my time. You dink.

I went to Disneyland with my kids for a week. We had 5 full days of Disneyland, and 2 days at Crystal Cove near Laguna Beach. We had a fantastic time....tiring, but fun.
I need another week for my feet to recover. The fires didn't affect us at all.

If you go to Disneyland, I highly recommend the Desert Palms Hotel. They were great to us. I will surely spread the word at the office....since so many of my fellow co- workers are headed to Disneyland....and why not? It's free for us. (gotta love that Silver Pass....nummy!)

Our Halloween film debuted on television...(i'm not sure how many times)I have heard alot of positive comments about the film.

I am hoping to get my anatolian puppy by Christmas.....we'll see. The breeder isn't quite sure yet if her female is pregnant....

Check out this band
.... They are called, "No More Kings". I have turned so many people onto these's crazy. They are super catchy, fun, clever, and dang good.
Now, I am a big Jellyfish fan. I love their creativity that shows through their music. "No More Kings" gives me that creative juice that I crave.....I love it.
Do yourself a favor and check out the video, "Sweep The Leg". It's so funny.
Long live the Karate Kid.