July 30, 2010

Mayor Hamm before

This is an early version I made of Mayor Hamm.
He was changed later in the game, but I still like this one.

In game shot of Hamm Mother Ship

More Toy Story 3 Goodness

Here is a better shot of the monster tires I built. I also built Stinky Pete. I think my "mini- corvette-esque hot rod" turned out cool too!
(When I say built, I mean I build the model in 3d, then I texture and UV them)

At Disney, our character team is fairly small. There was only 4 - 5 of us churning the characters out. We don't necessarily keep to characters. We are always helping on all sorts of objects such as trains, cactus, plants, cars, and just about anything else.

Cool screen grab of TS3 Western Town

Cool stuff. I built the Car, Dragon, the Miner Blockhead and I built the monster tires in the background.

Fun stuff!


This is a great shot of Zurg from the game. I really enjoyed working on him.

Normal Maps

One of the coolest techniques we used on creating the characters for the Toy Story 3 game is that we relied heavily on normal maps. Most of the detail you see in this Hamm Mother Ship is basically normal maps. For those who don't understand how a normal map works...he's my take.
When creating characters for games, you want detail...lots of detail..however, adding the detail in your geometry mesh is very expensive as far as calculating and memory...not to mention time consuming for the modeler to build it all in 3d....so we compensate by creating a bump/ normal map in the texture that holds the detail, rather than the geometry....got it?
Although the Ship has indentations, ridges, etc...its really mostly a smooth mesh. The ridges and indentations are in the map. Cool huh?

July 29, 2010

The TS3 Family

Here is a pic/ collage of all the characters our Disney character team created for the TS3 game.
And this image doesn't even have all of the characters we created!!!

My 3d Work



After a loooong absence, I am back.
I keep rather busy these days. I am trying some new changes to the blog. Cuz I need a change.

I will post a bunch of stuff I worked on for Toy Story 3 the video game. Whewwww....
We finished with some amazing reviews. What an awesome product with a new benchmark in video games. (xbox, ps3, Wii)
Even though it was a great project, we are all too happy to move on to Bigger and Better things. Currently for me, I also just finished Epic Mickey which should be released for the Wii by Christmas.
For my next assignment, I will be working on another Disney IP. (I can disclose when it is officially released by Disney).

Here are some contributions to Disney. I modeled, UV'd and Textured the following images.
The images are property of Disney/Pixar and may not be used for any commercial purposes.