September 06, 2006

rough sketch


This took me approx 20 minutes......I need to work on the hair and colors....maybe if I get time, I will xpend some time cleaning this up.
For now it is only for fun. Posted by Picasa

September 05, 2006


Oh man, I have been very busy these past few months.
I have been very involved in the Halloween film. I have revamped the script 3 times.
It has been extrememly draining. But hopefully, it will be worth the pain.
Production has begun. Now we move from Christmas mode to Halloween mode.
The Christmas film was actually completed today. (sound) It will be on the shelves in the next month. Look for it in Wal-Mart!

I have been very busy finalizing songs for our music cd. Producing is very time consuming. You have to really envision the "Big Picture" in all you do. Sometimes you make great decisions, and sometimes, you get caught off gaurd. So far so good.
We have extended offers to potential vocalists. I have heard from 3 (3 yes's out of 8). We will get the final word this week. We will start recording again next week.

I have been working on two screenplays. Both are very fun. Very family oriented and very clever. I'll give more info at a later time. I have also begun preliminary work (4-5 songs) on another musical. I'm not ready to jump full bore, but just getting it ready.

When will I get to my children's books and stories? Soon.......
It's all about time. I have years and years of work ahead of me.

I just bought the "Davey and Goliath" series. What a great show. I haven't seen that show since I was a kid (70's). I just got the series today, and I'm already enjoying them. Art Clokey was a genius in his time.