February 21, 2007

Slow Down

These past couple of weeks I have tried to slow things down a notch. I took my family to Wyoming for a week. It was a time for visiting and just taking it easy.

There isn't much to report. I have been tweeking some stories, and have been drawing more characters.

My computer is screaming for some upgrades. I'm thinking of getting a couple of new wide screen monitors. It's amazing to see where technology is taking us. I can't wait for the day when memory, and speed is a thing of the past. I can't wait for the day when the computer works as fast as a mind can think. No chugging, calculating, or choking. Man, I can't wait....and that time is probably within 5 years.

I watched the movie, "That Thing You Do" with Tom Hanks the other day. What a great film. One of my favorites. I also watched the old Disney classic, "The Parent Trap". (my girls love that show) I was suprised to finally see "Toby Tyler" on DVD. I snagged it and really enjoyed watching it with my family. These are great films that will stand the test of time. (isnt that what films should do?)

Political Rant: I was watching some of the presidential candidates get grilled for various issues. I was quite suprised to see americans bashing presidential hopeful Mit Romney over his religious beliefs. In an era of "anything goes", I would think most americans would want somebody to lead us who has a basic belief in Diety. Some might disagree with how that is defined, but the basic principles and values that come with someone who believes in God is really important..and should be an important factor....otherwise everything goes to crap. And we are definately headed there.

I for one, wouldn't want an athiest leading our country. I would vote for someone who has faith in God as did our forefathers. If they don't, then I ask where are they basing their principles and values? I am so sick of reading the crazy things that are going on in the world. Freedom is defined as doing whatever anyone wants, whenever they want to. Then we all ask, how did things get so bad?

I read the other day about a new trend called "Bum Bashing". It is where a group of teenagers find homeless people and beat them to death. I don't understand that kind of mentality. One of the boys said that he felt like he was in a video game and couldn't stop himself from beating an old defenseless homeless man with a bat. He said that it felt like a dream or a fantasy world.... Like he had done it before (which he had many times in certain video games). After the homeless man died, and the boys were sent to prison for 17 years, this kid still couldn't understand why he did it. He still thinks it was like a dream.

Are these the types of values we want for our kids? We need leaders who stand for good. We need leaders who have faith and hope in better things. If we elect bad people, it will only hurt the future of our children.

I for one want my children to live in a safe and peaceful world...

my 2 cents and the end of this rant......