April 19, 2008

Last of the Nine Old Men

Ollie Johnston died on April 14th 2008.


He was the last living Disney pioneers who Walt dubbed, "The Nine Old Men". He will be missed.

April 14, 2008

April is nearly gone

This month is flying by me.... It is still snowing off and on. One day it is snowing, and the next day is 80 degrees. Strange weather.
I am going through my toy collection since I have had since I was a little kid. (still a kid mentally) Although my kids love my toys, I am thinking about selling them. Just another thing I don't need anymore.
I am still doing character design, as well as writing. I will post stuff as I can. (most of the time I post at work....so it is hard to get images up unless I post at home...i know....its complicated)

I have also been finishing up some songs that I have written. I'd like to get them down on professional demos. (more for posterity)