March 30, 2006

So, Where's The Artwork Dood?

I know...I know......You like my site so much that your dying to see my artwork updated, slapped and posted, spanked and exploited etc....all over this blogspot....all 1 of you out there in bloggerland.

My plan is definately to post more artwork...Just because it isn't displayed for your viewing pleasure (I really should say "MY" viewing pleasure), doesn't mean I'm not drawing at the drawing table, or that I have a lack of art to post thereof.
I'm just really flippin- freekin busy.

So, since I am talking to myself, and making my own deadlines, .......I can slack a little teeny weeny bit.

- slack boy....

March 22, 2006

Current Projects

I just thought I would update the status on my personal projects.

The animated Christmas film I have been working on this past year will be finished by June and on the shelves by October/ November at your local Wal-Mart. It is called, "The Light Before Christmas". So check it out!

I am currently working on the next film (2 of 7). It's a wonderful Halloween film for kids.(adults will like it too) The script is really coming together and turning out really cute. (very Pixarish)

My musical project will also be recorded by June. This project has kept me very busy. I should have in my hot little hands a cd of 15 songs, a minus track cd complete with lyrics and even underscores for the die hards. I will have a website complete with songs samples, scripts, lyrics, images....the works. I am keeping it a bit hush at the moment....but I'm sure I will post more info at a later date.

My new animated project should pick up steam in the next month. I just got new $funding$ which should flow in my bank account by next week. I hope to have a finished animated short ready for film festivals by fall. I surely have my work cut out for me. Watch for my stuff!

I will post some new images soon.

March 04, 2006

2d or not 2d

2d or not 2d...that is the question.

For the record, I never questioned the 2d medium. We all love cartoons don't we? I think the issue really isn't between 2d vs. has always boiled down to stories and the quality of the stories. 2d never died as an art form. The storytelling is what died.

When Jimmy Neutron came out, rumors were that Michael Eisner was screaming, "Where is MY Jimmy Neutron!" Thus with the success of that show, and the emerging new technology of 3d, Mr. Eisner declard that 2d is dead. This is coming from the same man who sanctioned cheap-quals, and low quality hack jobs from foreign countries. If anyone killed 2d, is was probably Disney.

I grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons. My brothers and I would wake up at 2am-3am and turn on the television. (we had no comprehension of time) We would stare at the snowy screen, or the color bar and wait and wait. One brother would stand guard and let us know when the cartoons came on, the others would sleep. We would take turns until finally, the cartoons fed us our morning bowl of a long awaited television fix. Mmmmmm...those were the good ol' days. That era has come and gone. Whatever happened to Saturday morning cartoons? Where did thy go wrong?

Now we get live action shows with teens and their teeny bopper problems. The shows are boring, unappealing, and idiotic. My kids will never understand that wonderful age of television.

Let's bring back that Saturday morning magic.......

somehow. somewhere.