March 14, 2008

Sea Monkeys set

You know you want your own set of monkey pets.
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Sea Monkeys

Man, I wanted these so bad when I was a kid. I would buy comics and stare at the joke/ gimmick ads for days. The comics always had these strange sea-monkeys. I was captivated. "Wow, I could have my own strange family of little sea creatures!". Little did I know that these sea-monkeys looked nothing like the drawings. I was so bummed when my hard earned cash was wasted on crummy brine shrimp.

The sea-monkey family is now available as a toy set. I just had to buy the family set for nastalgic reasons.

Now I have my own sea-monkeys....and they look just like the ad.

I'm a happy camper now.
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March 06, 2008

Story dev/ Animation Notes

Here's a list of stuff I have learned from top notch pros.....

Devourax's "Stuff I have learned about Story dev/ Animation and Life" List

Over the years I have studied animation/ character design and story development. I have learned alot. I decided to make a list of things that I have learned. It seems like we are always learning doesn't it? These key points consist of advice given by the top animators/ filmakers of our generation and before. Some comments come from the masters (Disney's 9 old men) in the animation field.

- Voice is a key part of character development.

- Make sure your character voices are strong character voices that fit the character.

(example: Baloo in Jungle Book, Mice on Rescuers etc.)

- Don't fear death in a film. Walt Disney didn't fear death in a film because it was true to life.

- When making a film, involve key contributers of the film. They will feel like more a part of the process if they can give opinions. (I love the way that Barry Gordy did this in the early Mo-town days. He would pull together a panel and they would vote on each song release.)

- Be willing to try new things. Work hard, and keep a high standard of integrity. Walt Disney had a simple- complex and sophisticated appreciation for "newness". Walt liked people who took on new things. He liked those who are daring. He admired those who were willing to try something new even if they didn't know how.

- Study live action.

- If your going to follow a leader, follow someone who will lead you to better things. Walt Disney had an air about him that made people want to please him.

- Do your best. Then when you think you've done your best....push for 20% more. Walt Disney had a knack for making the best "better".

- Inspire others. Find ways to inspire YOU. Walt Disney drew out of you what he believed you could do. He made you believe it even when you didn't know how to do it.

- Story is king! Story, Story, Story! To The Story Dept: From Walt Disney, "The world isn't made up of gags. There isn't one of you who could write a romance, lulluby, or a love affair in a picture. You have to have warmth so the audience can identify."

- The artist must believe in the project. (Walt Disney's artists believed in Walt AND the projects he was driving.)

- It is important to share knowledge and help each other on a project. The completion of a film is a BIG job. Communication, dedication, and commitment are crucial to its success.

- Be a visionary. Don't take anything for face value. Most people can't see past the end of their noses. Look for potential. Look at the bigger picture. Walt Disney always brought people up to "His" vision. He didn't settle for a low base. He was always pushing and encouraging.

- Be humble. Be thankful. We are all learning together. Walt Disney wasn't always right. He depended upon his artists and their own individual strengths.

- A wise man once said, "Follow your dreams. The world needs dreamers. Dreams make this world a better place. We need people with visions of a better tomorrow for everyone. We need people willing to risk all for the next guy. We are all here to make a difference."

- Reach your potential. "Walt wasn't a man, he was a force of nature." - Hazel George

- Study constant. Constant study. Study all you can. Study filmaking, action analysis, character, art class, etc.

- Drawing isn't enough!

- Observe!

- Realism isnt it. Drawing isnt it. Outlandish isnt it. It is believability and the ability to reach the audience! That is what matters!

- Get into the character or you will get a flat result.

- Frank Thomas loves animation because it pulls together all that he loves about life. He said, "I'm not sure I'd be satisfied just as a musician, or just as an actor, or just as something else. Animation gave me a chance to use all these interests and work them together. They all helped each other."

hope you enjoy!

I am sure I will add more.......

- dev