September 26, 2007

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It occured to me that I have been too occupied in my occupation to occupate my blogger.
So here am I.

I have been busy at work. In the last 4 months I have become a monkey grinding
fool working on the character assembly line.
I have seriously pumped out over 60 characters modeled, and textured. I am a good monkey. It has been fun, yet busy for a monkey.

Have you seen the cool ad for National Geographic Film, "Sea-Monsters"? It will be IMAX-alicious. I did most of the 3d modeling for the creatures, so yes, I will be there when it opens on Oct 5th 2007.

My second film, "Spookey Bats and Scaredy Cats" is now completed and headed toward a theater and outlet store near you.

I have been hum-hawing and digesting thoughts for a new screenplay.... I need to decide whether to move forward with my children's show, or concentrate on a new screenplay....decisions decisions...hmmmm.....