March 05, 2013

More Disney Infinity

I worked on the game model and toy model of Perry.
(also the game models of Ferb, Doofenshmirtz)

Here is Perry.

Some more fun stuff!

Disney Infinity Barbossa

I didn't model Barbossa, but I did model the psycho monkey on his arm.

Gotta love psycho monkeys.

Here is the actual toy.

Here is the render.

The Incredible Ladies of The Incredibles

I worked on the Incredibles toys in Disney Infinity.

I worked on Violet and Mrs. Incredible.
Ian and Shane did the main modeling.
I posed them both in ZBrush.

Here are the actual toys.

Here are the Renders


Mike and Sully

I didn'y work on the model of Mike and Sully, however,
I did pose Mike "the toy" in ZBrush.

Here he is...

Disney Infinity McQueen

I also worked on McQueen!

More Disney Infinity

More stuff from Disney Infinity

I am so proud of my Mater!!!!

MU Poster

More Monsters University!

More cool Monster's University Posters!