January 23, 2007

January Update

Well, it's already a busy year.

I finally finished with our musical cd! I can't tell you how great that feels.
This is a major milestone in my life. It's only taken 10+ years!!!!
We actually have "some tweeking" to do (just a little) and then mastering the cd's. We will have 3 cd's (soundtrack, minus track, minus vox + underscores)featuring 17 songs, 17 songs in sheet music, and an updated script by the end of the month.
The next step is to produce it in a theater......cough cough.

I learned that our Christmas film aired 18 times before Christmas on most of the major channels. Very cool.
Halloween is just around the corner to start animation. I may post a pic or two.

I am going to finish up a couple of screenplays that I've been working on for some time.
First will be, "Auckland Island". It's a story about a Maori boy who tries to fit in among the Pakeha's (white people) that invaded his native island.
The next title I am keeping secret because it is so dang interesting. It's based on a true story in the 1920's and is so facinating that I need to keep it "top secret". But, I will say this...the film will be for families (total family friendly) and will be a very fun adventure.

I have also begun on my children's pilot. I am tweeking the brand and developing the characters. I can't wait until this get's in high gear. This should be a fun ride.