July 29, 2014

Character Artist

I am a character artist.

I live in my own little world where every day I get to...

- live eat and breathe characters and stories...where the sky isn't even the limit on ideas.

- write children's books.

- write scripts, musicals and screenplays.

- write short stories, and write and record songs.

- toy prototypes.
(working with a 3d printer)

- work in 2D and 3D.

Man, I love what I do!


July 12, 2014

Hulk Disney Marvel Infinity

I was part of the character team who modeled
the Incredible Hulk.
(Irene, Ian, and myself)

I helped model Captain and Hulk.
I also posed (above) Captain America and Hulk in Zbrush.

Hulk SMASH!!!!!

Captain America Disney Marvel Infinity

I helped model and pose Captain America for Disney Interactive.
We work in Maya and ZBrush.


More Disney Marvel Infinity 2!!

Here are the various stages of development for Captain America.
He was fun to work on in 3d.

Acton Pose.

The Gang.


                                             I posed Hulk and Captain in ZBrush for this pic.

Awesome Disney Marvel Infinity 2

How cool is this!!!!!