September 03, 2014

Comic Con SLC 2014

Not sure how to configure these tables.
I thought that they would be 10x10.
They are actually 6x5.


Not enough space!!!!

Gonna have to try multiple configurations!
Dilly, why are you way over there????
You're not even in our booth!

Oh Boy!
Love them blue footed booby feet.

Hi Hubbel. You are a lovely blue footed booby.
I am the Numero uno "Loony Booby".
(I write what I know...right?)

Empty??? Or am I just overly ambitious?

Yup, empty.
Not for long!

Bane and Groot will be sold by iRex-FX.
(a 14 year old mad scientist monster maker)
Come by and meet him and see his creations!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh if I only had time on my side.
I could really make a dent in the world.....

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