November 22, 2005

Toy collections

Yes. Most animators adorn their office space with toys galore. I am no exception.
Because I believe we are surrounding oursleves in a creative world. I personally love the disney maquettes. I also enjoy the cartoony looking toys.

Tonight I went through boxes and boxes of vintage toys I have collected since I was a kid. (30 years ago!) I am quite tempted to find new homes for all of it. It doesn't do me much good having the toys sitting in boxes. Plus, I could take the money and treat the family to Disneyland or something cool like that.

I am really talking boxes and boxes of stuff (20 boxes) ...opened and unopened. I have alot of Spawn, Bump in the Night, Star Wars, Johhny West, Playskool, Muppets, Planet of the Apes (70's stuff), Alien, Disney, Nightmare berfore Christmas, Dinosaurs, Jurassic Park, Toxic Avenger, Kiss, and more and more.......