December 02, 2005

Family Film Criteria According To Devourax

The criteria for a great family film in my book is as follows . . .
- must stand the test of time
- avoids pop culture references
- is family friendly
- no cuss words including "Oh My G**"
- is G rated (maybe PG)
- easy on the "scary" factor
- isn't bound by demographics
- makes trends...not follows trends
- original and fun characters
- characters we can relate to
- endearing and sweet
- has a moral...but not in your face morals
- isn't afraid to reference God or religion
- the underdog always wins
- avoids agendas
- avoids violence
- portrays respect for people and elders
- avoids sex and risque content
- avoids cigarettes and drinking

So what films fall into these catagories?....hmmmm.....

What do You think?

I'll post my favorite family films soon.

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Anonymous said...

Night at the Museum!