January 03, 2006

Amazing Movies

So I finally got to see two movies this weekend that I have been drooling over since they were released. I am proud to say that I saw King Kong and Narnia.
Let me first say that the benchmark in CG has been set so high, that for any of us indies to compete is nearly impossible without those huge budgets.

I loved Narnia. I loved the story, the script, the characters, the actors.....especially Aslan. All I can say is, "Wow". It was very child friendly and will definately be in my dvd collection the moment it is released.

Kong was great too. I must say, I heard alot of hooplah surrounding the length of the film and the glutenous self promoting Peter Jackson chiseling a chunk of Kong for himself. I myself didn't think the film was too long. There were a few script flaws that I didn't care for, and I thought the jungle scene was cheated by being way too short....but I still enjoyed the film. It was chalked full of amazing ape action. The gorilla was supurb. I also enjoyed Ann Darrow. She was perfectly cast. The least favorite line was "It was beauty killed the beast." Lame!!!!!!!

Any, it was still great fun. I will be excited to see them again on dvd.

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Nate said...

Yes I concur. I was blown away by that big ape, his performance blew me away... what he wasn't real? Oh man, well all the work that went into his "performance" was great, Andy Serkis, the artists, etc. Amazing is right.