March 22, 2006

Current Projects

I just thought I would update the status on my personal projects.

The animated Christmas film I have been working on this past year will be finished by June and on the shelves by October/ November at your local Wal-Mart. It is called, "The Light Before Christmas". So check it out!

I am currently working on the next film (2 of 7). It's a wonderful Halloween film for kids.(adults will like it too) The script is really coming together and turning out really cute. (very Pixarish)

My musical project will also be recorded by June. This project has kept me very busy. I should have in my hot little hands a cd of 15 songs, a minus track cd complete with lyrics and even underscores for the die hards. I will have a website complete with songs samples, scripts, lyrics, images....the works. I am keeping it a bit hush at the moment....but I'm sure I will post more info at a later date.

My new animated project should pick up steam in the next month. I just got new $funding$ which should flow in my bank account by next week. I hope to have a finished animated short ready for film festivals by fall. I surely have my work cut out for me. Watch for my stuff!

I will post some new images soon.

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