May 05, 2006

biz biz eeeee

I am very busy these days. When will I slow down? Maybe when I'm 70 or 80. As far as I can forcast my future, I have work that will last me a lifetime and beyond.
(maybe kids can further my ideas and stories)
I have been doing some freelance lately, not that I need the distraction......I am trying to farm some out....however, I have found that farming out too much work can really backfire. If anything goes wrong, your integrity is on the line and the client is not a happy client.

We are currently talking with a "very big studio" (can't disclose yet) who has been around long before my time. They are very interested in our Holiday series (7 films).
The talks are actually going really good.

I will be in the recording studio next week tackling 2 songs. I need to get a website going for that project asap.

Our team won a couple of awards for some animations this past year. We won a gold, silver and bronze in 2005. This year in 2006, we have won 3 awards again. I'm not sure which metals we won yet, (June), but we are excited.
Video ipods for everyone!


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