November 01, 2006


We are finishing vocalists for our CD project (musical) this week. I flew a guy in from L.A. to sing his heart out. We have a total of 8 singers singing 17 songs.
We will move to the mixing stage next week, and will finally be done! Whoo Hoo!
I'm holding off on doing a full stage production until I get a small mental break from the project. Seriously, this project has consumed all my energy the past 3 years. (hardcore)

I thought I would have more time to get my children's shows going this year, but I have put them on hold til I wrap up a few other projects. Next year will be the "year of the Dev" when it comes to my children's books, online stories, and children's pilot. ha. (we'll see huh)

I get to do a video presentation tonight of my month trip experience to Africa for a group of youth kids. It should be fun.

I need to get my site revamped.....but first I am getting my musical site ready. (before my much needed mental break)

Keep on keepin on.


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