December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all.

Christmas..Christmas..Christmas....(I love that word)

This is such a great time of year. I love this season.
It's a great time for reflection and goals for the next year.
Am I ready for 2008? I guess I'm as ready as I will be.
One of my favorite gifts was some old Soul/Blues cd's from Edgar Winter's White Trash Band from early 70's. I am really digging Jerry Lacroix. That dude can sing.

I still haven't seen the National Geographic film, "Sea Creatures" that I worked on. We have been getting so much snow when we plan our weekend to go see the film, we end up shoveling and staying at home. Maybe this weekend though.

I had a meeting the other day with a few colleagues about the possibilities of video online/ pod casts etc. I'm not sure where it will go....but I liked alot of what I was hearing. It's amazing to see the capabilities of the internet. I have often thought about creating my own "mini tv station". The technology is here. I sure have enough content to keep it going. I just have to do it.

I have been working on my story, "Kookaburra Roo" alot. I have also been doing alot of character development for my kid's show. (working title "Ice Paradise")
So much to little time.


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