February 15, 2008

College Shootings

It's really sad to hear of the recent college shootings where a lone gunman killed 7 (including himself) and wounded 21. It's such a shame. I get really irritated about some who react to the guns....this issue isn't about guns. This issue is about our society and the violence we have embraced for the past 50 years. Everything we watch on television is saturated with murder, adultry, violence, sex, kidnappings, and so on...... We are what we eat.
Some comments I agree with on CNN are as follows.....

Wayne Ellis of Allen, Texas : "This is a perfect example to support allowing licensed people to carry guns on college campuses and even into classrooms as well as everywhere else. This shooter would have been killed before he could have gotten off more than two shots if other people there had been allowed to legally carry weapons. As the old cliché goes: "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns." The restrictions on law-abiding citizens made them all easy prey for this or any other crazed shooter."

Jeff Tormala of Molalla, Oregon : "It's not guns. Our society has glorified violence and dysfunction for the last 40 to 50 years, and we are reaping the fruits of it. Take a look at prime-time TV today: "CSI," "Law & Order," now "Dexter." It's a lineup of the most disgusting cruelty on display for all. Video games and movies that glorify violence against innocent individuals. What do we expect? It won't end until we as a society say enough is enough."

Martin Wnuk of Friendswood, Texas : "Apparently we've become a nation of strangers. There seems to be very little in common to bond us to our fellow Americans outside of our immediate families. And some don't even have that to fall back on.
Many claim we are a Christian country, yet cutthroat competition and winning are given all the emphasis and rewards over any Christian ideal. And it also seems that things of real value are pretty much being dismissed while worthless things are assigned great value.
So it's not surprising that we are creating these seemingly soulless ghouls who are in reality desperate, lonely, hopeless and ill ... and capable of unthinkable random violence.
I have no answer to it. In a few weeks this will be forgotten, except by the fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers and friends of the slain, who will live with it forever."

Ruth Neal of Northridge, California : "I think that there are more shootings now because our children are no longer taught to accept responsibility for their actions. Parents and government are both to blame for this. Parents, because they are not willing to put forth the effort to raise their children to respect others and their right to be different. When something goes wrong, the parents will often find a reason why someone or something else is to blame for the problem, never the child. The government enforces the problems by curtailing disciplinary action in schools, cutting school funding, cutting counseling at schools and eliminating after-school programs. We have raised a generation of me-first children who give no thought to anything beyond their own wants and needs. We have become a society where one person's view can take precedence over the majority. We have allowed God to be pushed aside in favor of the minority. We have become the most violent society in the world. Until things change, we can only expect to see more horrendous tragedies in the years to come."


but until America says "Enough!"......nothing will change.

What can we do? Stop watching it. Stop supporting those who make crappy television shows, films, music, games.

Support companies/ people that make good content. (not pointless violence)
Elect officials and political leaders who will fight against the crap.

Do it! before its too late.....


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