February 04, 2008

Mixed Bag

The film festival was a mixed bag for me. Some stuff was good, some was crap, and some was sort of boring. Then some excitement came....I was called up in the middle of a premiere (in front of 300 people) to get a message that I needed to call home. I called home, wondering what could be wrong and was told that my son was in the hospital 2 hrs away. He was in a snow mobiling accident. I later found out that he was riding on back with another kid (they are only 14) and went down a 30 foot hole that leads down to a cement colvert. Both kids were wearing helmets...and thankfully, they emerged with somewhat minor injuries. My son got the brunt of it, knocking out a tooth, facial stitches, fractured orbital, concussion, stitches in the lip. We later had to have him in surgery because his muscles that move his right eye were caught between his orbital fracture and wouldn't allow his eye to move. He was also seeing double vision. We hope he is well on his way to recovery. Two years prior, another kid went down the same hole on a snow mobile and died of a broken neck. We are very lucky.

It has been hectic to say the least over the past 3 weeks. I am slowly getting back into my stories and should post more "stuff" soon.

Super Tuesday says YOU NEED TO VOTE!!!!!!!!
Don't not vote...even if you don't like any of the candidates. Vote for the one that is closest to your values. Not voting isn't making a statement....you are only giving power to those you would never want in public office. It's your right to vote. Please use it!


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