September 11, 2008


It's been a while since I have updated my blog. I have been really busy at Disney. We finished up the DS "Caspian" game and had high hopes for sales. Since the movie kinda flopped , so did the game. We're hoping that "Ultimate Band" for the Wii will be a better title as far as sales. Disney will release it in the next 2 months. (by Christmas) It is a fun game and I really think kids will enjoy playing it.(8 - 12 yr olds) The game doesn't really compete with Guitar Hero or Rock Band because it doesn't need periphials. You just use the nun-chuck and wii-mote. It has an awesome character creator too if I do say so myself. I was on a team of 3 dudes who built all the characters and character pieces (hats, hair, pants, shirts, etc...) for the character creator. We are glad to be done and move on to "Toy Story 3". (however, there may be a band #2 game if it does well)

Creatively, I have sort of taken a hiatus. Summers usually kill me with yardwork, family stuff etc. It's pretty overwhelming. So my art stuff/projects have sort of taken a backseat. I actually pulled some book stuff out the other night and worked a little. I have also written 3 songs.

If you feel it....ya gotta do it.

as I say....."Until I'm not...I am".

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