July 29, 2010



After a loooong absence, I am back.
I keep rather busy these days. I am trying some new changes to the blog. Cuz I need a change.

I will post a bunch of stuff I worked on for Toy Story 3 the video game. Whewwww....
We finished with some amazing reviews. What an awesome product with a new benchmark in video games. (xbox, ps3, Wii)
Even though it was a great project, we are all too happy to move on to Bigger and Better things. Currently for me, I also just finished Epic Mickey which should be released for the Wii by Christmas.
For my next assignment, I will be working on another Disney IP. (I can disclose when it is officially released by Disney).

Here are some contributions to Disney. I modeled, UV'd and Textured the following images.
The images are property of Disney/Pixar and may not be used for any commercial purposes.


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