November 18, 2005

Animation Inspirations

Lat night I was interviewed by a kid (animator) who I once taught in an art class when he was 9 yrs. old. It got me thinking about who inspired me when I was younger.

I remember being into animation since I was a kid waking up at 1am just to catch Saturday morning cartoons in the 70's. (Ahhhh...when cartoons used to be good)

My inspirations are across the board. From animators, to creative minds, children's television producers, puppeteers, etc.
There are a few key people that have really made an impact on me and what I do today.

Walt Disney - He is my hero. No one can compare. I have watched "The Man Behind The Myth"
many times. I am so inspired by him like no other.
9 old men - These men are the pioneers of animation. They have brought me so much joy.
Tex Avery - Edgy, yet fun. He took cartoons to a new level.
Fred Rogers - My television friend. Kindest, most sincere man on tv.
Jim Hensen - A gifted creator and dreamer.
Frank Oz - Wonderful director and talent.
Mort Drucker - The best caricaturist that ever lived in my opinion.
Sid & Marty Krofft - I watched these shows every day. Crazy, goofy, and fun.
Sherwood Shwartz - He produced some of the best family shows that have been on air for years.
Astrid Lindgren - Pippi is such a wonderful character. (english dubbed versions)
Rod Serling - I lived and breathed Twilight Zone as a kid. Great storytelling here!
Schoolhouse Rock - I love these mini cartoons....especially Bob Dorough's songs and voice.
Hal Roach - I have watched the Little Rascals over and over. Innocense never to be had in kid
actors nowadays.

Maybe one day, I can give something back like these inspired creators have done for me.


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