January 18, 2006

Story is "always" KING

You know it, I know it.......heck, we all know it.
So why is Hollywood cranking out the crappy films.
Ok...lets narrow it down a bit....

Valiant- Under the guise of Disney, Vangaurd managed to create a visually wonderful film. I liked the animation, renders, environments, lighting, colors etc. I think the character design lacked and was short of original memorable characters. Overall, it was a snoozer. The story was really really really boring. My kids were even begging me to turn it off. That says alot doesn't it? Aren't kids supposed to love anything animated? sheeesh

Madagascar- This is chalked up to the film that could have been. I love the designs, animation, characters etc. I am not a fan of pop culture, and especially pompous star power behind characters. (instead of paying 20 million to a movie star, put that 20 mil to the picture!!!!) The casting for voices was as lame as lame can get. Chris Rock, Focker???? oh man.....And the story.....oh, the story.....in a nutshell, it all sucked coconuts.

Hoodwinked- Do you even want to hear my rant here? I surely don't want to waste your time....and my time. One phrase describes how I felt about this film, "Sad Attempt at Polishing a Turd".

Willy Wonka- Why...oh why.....??????? The original reigns King. Sorry Johnny and Tim. You made it into a freak show.

And the list goes on and on.

I think the freshest film I have seen in recent years is "Napolean Dynamite".
It wasn't tainted by Hollywood. It was new and refreshing.

Even effects and CG wizardry nowadays can't replace a good story. Look at the effects in the Wizard of Oz. They were fantastic and revolutionary for the era, yet because the story was so strong, it has become the most successful films of all time.

Hollywood isn't creating new films. It's all redo's and sequels. They are chasing fast money.

Indies are on the rise....watch out Hollywood.

We know a secret.

Story is always "King".

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