January 31, 2006


Wow........big news......Pixar, the mecca for animation is bought out by Disney.

Am I really that suprised?


Now, I know that Disney has ben floundering and grasping for a smash hit animation film for the past 10 years. They were pumping out crappy movie after crappy movie. I think the last Disney movie I bought was....was.....Tarzan. But then there was the cash cow, Pixar who was everything Disney wasn't. Disney was riding the coat-tails of Pixar with the 5 contracted films they partnered with them. And Disney was even so desperate for a hit that they threatened sequels and more sequels. Michael Eisner and his "cheapquel" legacy. Pixar basically edged them out. Hands down. It was artists against greedy executives. The artists mentality won. You can see it in the films.

Then Michael left the building amid cheers of "das boot". Everyone loved to see him go. And animation would hopefully get back on track after his departure.

Well, one could only dream.

Then steps in Bob Iger. What would he do to pick up the pieces left by Eisner?
First on the agenda....repair relationships with Pixar.

In comes Steve Jobs.

Now I understand Steve Jobs to be a bright man. I questioned whether he would sell to Disney. But as soon as I heard what he was being offered out of the deal, I knew he would take the bait. Call it a gut feel....or call it a great opportunity (wouldn't anyone leap at the change to own controlling shares in Disney stock...not to mention almost 4 billion dollars richer). And Apple possibilities under the Disney arm....hmmmmm.......expect big things in the Apple pipleline.

Now we have "Disnar", or "Pixney". Circle 7 (the cheapquel dept) is on shakey ground. Lasseter is head of Creative. Where would this take Disney now?

In my opinion, it couldn't get any worse for Disney. In fact, I think this move saved Disney (as time will surely tell) I am excited to see what lies ahead.

I wish Jobs, Lasseter, Catmull and Iger the best.

Bring back 2d while your at it. 2d was never dead. It was the stories that died....not the medium.

Congratulations Pixar and Disney! May this be a great chapter in animation history.

And to Eisner, .....may a thousand fleas infest your armpits....forever.

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