February 14, 2006

Family Entertainment

What is considered "family entertainment" anymore?
The way I would describe family entertainment, is to sit down with kids of all ages and watch a show without any objectionable content. You can relax, and feel confident that the show you are watching will inspire, teach, uplift and entertain.

You have been there many times. The kids want a movie night...you cringe at what is out there. Whether you decide to watch television, or rent a new movie, you hope and pray is will be free from the crap stuff. The movie starts.....you can hardly enjoy it for fear of the borderline language, sexual innuendos, risque dress etc etc etc.
You finally decide, before it gets worse to turn it off.

It's not worth it.

Your children are what they eat. They are what they watch. It's a fact. Proven through the ages.
Why would we ever want our kids to act like Hollywierd? Or to be taught by them?


Do yourself a favor. Do your family a favor....Turn OFF the crap.... Get it out of your home.

One day.....sometime soon in the near future....Devourax will have an alternative to the garbage.

So stay tuned.

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