May 15, 2006

To Do Or Not To Do

Ya know......alot of people like to talk. and talk.......and talk. But there are the few who "walk the talk". There are those who not only dream, but act on those dreams.

Many know that in order to do something great, there is always some sort of risk involved that you have to take along your path. There is always sacrifices to be made. Anyone who is anyone will tell you that this is absolutely true.
When you have that deep down gut feel beckoning you to do that crazy thing that you feel is in your destiny, ...then you better do it.

Otherwise you will regret it. And you WILL regret it.

I have learned alot about "walking the talk" this past year. So often I ask myself, "Why in the heck am I doing this project?" So many times I have felt like I am adding unnecessary stress to my life that I don't need. However, I know all too well, that if I don't do something with my ideas, and dreams, then not only will someone else do it, but I will be sad if I don't.

There is an absolutely great euphoric feeling that comes with accomplishing a goal.
Once you get that feeling, it's hard not to keep going. You feel good about you, and what you can offer this world. You've just risen above countless of millions of hopefuls out there who dream, but will only get to those dreams after they conquer the 33rd level on Amped3, or after they finish their favorite television shows, or after they finish wasting countless hours in their chat rooms.......

The world needs dreamers who act upon their dreams.

so do it.


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