May 28, 2006

Twilight Zone Classic b/w and BBird

I was watching the Twilight Zone this weekend with Rod Serling. Wow.
I am not much of a sci-fi guy....but I do like a good story. These vintage episodes are absolutely amazing. Storytelling at its finest. Rod Serling is an absolute genius. If you get the chance to watch these, I have found the entire series at the library, or you could buy it for approx. $350 on Amazon or Ebay.

I bought a book this weekend called "The Wisdom Of Big Bird" by Carrol Spinney. I have quite enjoyed it. Since I am a huge fan of Jim Hensen, and children's television, this has been a great read.
I have found some amazing video archives of some very influential television people such as Fred Rogers, Sherwood Shwartz, and Carrol Spinney available on . Just do a search for "archive of american television". There are alot of interviews full of wisdom.



Karen said...

Thanks for the nice mention. There's a blog from the Archive of American Television, which posted the video interviews you wrote about. It lists and links all of the interviews available online and lets you know when new ones are up. The address is:

devourax (dev-or-ax) said...

what a super cool blog site. Thanks!

I have had such a great time listening to these archive interviews. They are so inspiring and are absolutely chalked full of wisdom and little gems.