October 23, 2007


My computer was hijacked by a malicious virus! I have had a few times when I had to rid my computer from spyware etc....but this last one was a doozy.
I spent nearly 12 hrs trying to solve it. This little booger disabled my anti-virus software, crippled my OS to the point that I couldn't do anything. Late last night I finally think I resolved it. I can't imagine where it came from....i do know that the last 2 times I got zapped was visiting music-lyric sites, and hairstyle sites. Stay away from those!!!! You can never be too careful.

I can't understand why someone would take their God-given talent and spend their time developing something so malicios...so invading....and so destructive. If these people spent their time combatting bad things, hey, the internet would be a decent place. Instead, the world wide web is full of pornography, hackers, and pirates seeking to harm anyone they come in contact with. If I only had addresses, I would visit them with my crowbar. I could have used those 12 hrs for something good.....sigh.

I would love to post some Disney stuff I have been working on, but can't. Maybe after the products are released next year. In the meantime, I am drawing alot....maybe I'll post some sketches.


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