October 19, 2007


The latest.
I am still working on a bunch of characters. (for 3 different projects) They have turned out really nice if I must say so myself. Just busier than busy.

I bought a fantastic dvd, "Surf's Up" . I LOVE this movie! If you haven't seen it....then you are crazy. This film has some of the best cg I have seen in a while.
Forget that penguins are overdone. That's a lame excuse. How many idiotic dog shows have been made? Go see this movie! The water/ waves are a work of art in itself. I loved this film. I wish there was more "behind the scenes" in the special features. Included on the film is the "Chub Chubs" short film. I wasn't impressed. Too fast paced for my liking.

I have been working on my children's show. I only have a couple hours in a day to do so. I try to spend time with my family after working at the "office". It's in the wee hours and odd times that I can find time to do my "dream" stuff. But I never give up. How can I? lIKE i ALWAYS SAY......"Until I'm not....I AM".

This month is MipCom. If you don't know what MipCom is.... find out. Especially if you are a content IP creator. I will make the show sometime in the future, but I have to figure out not only how to fund my properties, but also find funding to get me and my crew to France with a booth. That can be very expensive. I have no doubt that this is the "must attend" show for me. (mipcom junior too)

I am looking for an Anatolian Shepherd. (a beautiful dog from Turkey) I have been reading up on these dogs for the past 7 or 8 years. I would love to own one. I am talking to a breeder at the moment. (these dogs are not only pricey, but hard to get)


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