October 13, 2008

FEAR in the Ocean

Ever go diving in the ocean?
Ever worry about sharks?
This is my artistic rendition of the FEAR we all have in the open ocean stemmimg from a dream I had. (sorry about the gore side of this image....but it is what it is in my dream........)
I am pretty facinated with sharks, especially the Great White Shark. I have always dreamed of shark diving in Australia, or Africa. One of these days when I'm rich I will do it!
But you might ask, "Will your horrific dream stop you from diving if you ever get the opportunity to dive with Great White Sharks?"
Heck NO!!!! If I ever get the chance, I'm going for it!
You only live once, right?

1 comment:

Nate Allison said...

Dang! I hate when that happens. :)