February 18, 2009

What is wrong with our world?????


Our world is going crazy! Obama just signed an 800 billion stimulus that won't stimulate anything but government. (piggie sounds) The 900 Billion before that was to help home foreclosures, yet the money is unaccounted for and went to buying up banks instead. (flushing sounds)

Man, I think we are in for some serious economic trouble ahead.

There are those who blame capitalism. I don't. I blame greed.
There are those who blame republicans. I don't. I blame ALL politicians.
There are those who blame Bush. I don't. I blame ALL politicians.

See, somewhere politicians jumped into the game and forgot about the people who voted them there. They only care about gaining power, leveraging power, and gaining more power.

And Americans are too busy in their own personal lives to take a stand and stop these crazy politicians before they ruin America as we have known it. We all need to stand up for good.

Evil is not good....and good is not evil. We all know the difference....

Stand up and give your voice.....

before its too late...... and your voice is silenced....... forever.

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