March 17, 2009



Not much to say...I guess I have been in a creative slump lately.
I am too preoccupied with the economy, crazy politicians, corrupt, everything is wearing on me.... and its not just rupublican conservatism that is feeling attacked...EVERYONE in America should be fuming at what is going on with the banks, bailouts, PORK barrel spending, tax increases...etc etc. I swear I'm not in America anymore.

But I am 100% American true blue and through. Even if our govt. is turning into a bunch of socialistic fascist commies. Makes me wanna scream....(see image....not my artwork...but is a good representation of pain)

Anyway, I am working on a new art piece to show my frustration with politics in America that I will post soon.

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Niniva said...

Dude, makes me wanna bunk my head repeatedly until the pain goes away... I was better prepared than most; my hubby is a sociological savant that said, "Get in here! This man is gonna be your next president," the first time he saw Obama. (My MySpace blog might amuse ya...)